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Back Like I Never Left

Customer under the old brand. Extremely proud of this CEO and Queen Boss!

Great deep conditioner

OMG this is a great deep conditioner, it smells amazing, feels like silt and the slip is excellent and doesn't pull out hair when applying on wet hair. left my hair manageable.


The product is amazing as is all of her products ❤️

The Best

This hair product is so good! The best! No more hair product purchases accumulating in the bathroom cabinet because well, they don't quite work. I've been using for several weeks and the quality of my natural hair is soft, conditioned, healthy and my hair has grown as well! This shop owner has magic fingers and makes some truly wonderful products!

My favorite

My order was packed beautifully and got to me so quick! I opened the box and the aroma was to die for! I’m so glad I ordered some of her hair grow because I absolutely love everything! And I’m very picky with my hair! The shampoo is so moisturizing and really cleans my scalp. In my opinion her hair grow brand is better than many brand name store bought products I’ve tried. And I can rest assure there’s no bad ingredients(yay)! Thank-you her hair grow .co❤️


Great liquid consistency, lathered nicely. Hair was cleansed properly after one application. Product met my expectations.

On my third jar

…..On my 3rd jar, my 4th is already in my cart. I over-processed the front of my hair with bleach and I decided to cut an impromptu bang in my hair. This stuff has not only grown that “bang” but, ALL my hair is flourishing…strong and hydrated to boot!!! The smell is awesome too!!!

I recommend you give it a try

OMG this is the best wash out conditioner I ever used since going Natural, my low porosity hair love ❤️ love ❤️ love it 🥰, it leave my hair very soft, I’m very very satisfied, anybody with low porosity hair like mines I recommend you give it a try. I will continue buying my wash out conditioner from this brand.

Loving it!

Is this my third bottle of conditioner? Well, glee, who needs to keep count? Just please keep making this amazing stuff.

Awesome product

The quality of the nature essence deep conditioner is truly a awesome product. It took almost all of the dryness and rescinding out of my hair. The volume in my hair has tripled in thickness. My hair is silky and it's getting the elasticity back in my hair and I'm not losing as many strands of hair now. I have ordered the product twice now. The product comes on time and is extremely well package. I will definitely will be ordering more.

My hair is growing!!

So after having a baby noticed my hair was falling out drastically! I'm writing this review & including pictures because y'all this stuff works!! This is the result of less than 2 months! I used this product every morning and at night. I still have plenty of products left to use. If you're wondering if you should buy this, I'm here to tell you buy it & try it! It's a life changer! Can't wait to order some more. So happy with my results :)!

I didn't think it would work, but it actually did!

I'm a woman in my early thirties. I don't quite know how long my hair was starting to thin when I started to properly notice how much hair I was really pulling out in the shower or how every time I brushed through with my hands, strands would come out. However, once I noticed, it was hard not to panic a little. I wasn't sure what the reason was, I had always had fine hair, but quite a lot of it. I thought maybe it's because I tie up my hair every day quite tightly, so I cut my hair and stopped tying it up altogether. At the same time, I thought maybe it's a deficiency, so I started taking zinc and omega 3. I had also stopped taking the birth control pill around 6 months before, but there really wasn't much I could do about hormonal fluctuations. Just for good measure, I thought I'd try a scalp serum, even though I was very skeptical. I eventually settled for the Her Hair Growth Serum 2 bottles. I've used it for around 4 months, until it ran out. After around 3 months, I had started noticing that I was pulling out much less hair in the shower and also when I brushed through my hair with my fingers, only 0-1 strands would come out, compared to months back. It might not seem like much but I definitely noticed a big difference in the shower drain! It works for me and I am happy. So I've just put in an order for 3 bottles! Now, I can't swear that this will work for everyone, but do give it a try if you're in a similar situation to me, and it just might work for you too!

Absolutely love!

And that’s from scalp too! ✨🙏🏾
Thank you for your creations.

Love it

I have been using this serum for a good minute. I bought my first two bottles because I started wearing braids, and boy after a month time of using the serum my hair had grew. After three months of wearing braids and using this product my hair had grew even more. Well now I buy this on a regular. I am on my last bottle now because I always buy three at a time. This serum is amazing and I love it. Thank you because I love love love it

It arrived nice and neat and just started to use it smells real good thank you once again

Definitely recommend

This is a month after trying the hair growth serum! I am amazed how much it has worked! Not only did it help my bald spot, but the rest of my scalp is fuller and I couldn't be any more satisfied. I will continue to use for my hair. Definitely recommend. BTW I also used this in my brows and they're growing too! :) Thank you!

Love the packaging

Just received my order and so excited. It came quick, was packaged beautifully and smells amazing. Already tried it out but will be back to update after using for a while! :)

You won't regret it

Love this product, since quarantine I’ve been wearing my hair in braids and using my serum, my hair has grown so much that I turned on 3 of my friends and they love it too. I’m not natural nor am I transitioning, I just haven’t relaxed my hair in a year. I can’t say how much I love this. Thank you so much for this awesome product and God bless!!

On point

I'd seen ads for this product and figure I'd give it a try. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

My hair has not only grown back in the 3 areas that were thinning, my hair overall appears thicker and I can feel the new growth. I'm so excited I found this product and company. Could not recommend more.

(I have 3a curl type hair that is copious but thin).

It works!

I tried it last Spring & purchased another bottle ( nothing would grow were I was thinning at the top) It’s still thin but there’s no bald area. I Love it!!

Love it

I am loving my hair is been 5 months and my hair has gotten so long and thick just what I have been wanting. I have all the products and I use them faithfully.

Yes mam!

Soo listen at first I was skeptical and did not think it would work but I have been using it consistently every day sometimes twice a day. In 4 weeks I have noticed a big difference! I’m so glad that I have tried this ! My hair is coming back in areas that did not have any hair or either just didn’t have as much. This is worth the money !

This stuff is the TRUTH!!!!

My hair was getting thinner by the day; I was shedding about a baseball size clumps of hair every time I showered. I started developing a bald spot on my hair line near my right temple, and my scalp was clearly visible when I put my hair in a ponytail. One month of daily use and my hair has almost stopped shedding altogether! My scalp is no longer visible and my bald spot is nearly gone! I just bought another two bottles of your serum after doing a big chop on my hair so I can get some length back! It’s magic in a bottle and the price is just icing on the cake. SEE PICS BELOW* (Pics are of the right side of my head in both shots; they look mirrored due to one of them being taken in Snapchat)*

Less Shedding

I'm halfway through my second bottle. I noticed less shedding in the shower pretty quickly after starting this. It definitely seems most effective when used daily.


Recently braided my hair about 3 weeks ago and I achieved this much growth. My braid need a redo lol.