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Love the packaging

Just received my order and so excited. It came quick, was packaged beautifully and smells amazing. Already tried it out but will be back to update after using for a while! :)

You won't regret it

Love this product, since quarantine I’ve been wearing my hair in braids and using my serum, my hair has grown so much that I turned on 3 of my friends and they love it too. I’m not natural nor am I transitioning, I just haven’t relaxed my hair in a year. I can’t say how much I love this. Thank you so much for this awesome product and God bless!!

On point

I'd seen ads for this product and figure I'd give it a try. BEST. DECISION. EVER.

My hair has not only grown back in the 3 areas that were thinning, my hair overall appears thicker and I can feel the new growth. I'm so excited I found this product and company. Could not recommend more.

(I have 3a curl type hair that is copious but thin).

It works!

I tried it last Spring & purchased another bottle ( nothing would grow were I was thinning at the top) It’s still thin but there’s no bald area. I Love it!!

Love it

I am loving my hair is been 5 months and my hair has gotten so long and thick just what I have been wanting. I have all the products and I use them faithfully.

Yes mam!

Soo listen at first I was skeptical and did not think it would work but I have been using it consistently every day sometimes twice a day. In 4 weeks I have noticed a big difference! I’m so glad that I have tried this ! My hair is coming back in areas that did not have any hair or either just didn’t have as much. This is worth the money !


I have been using this serum for a good minute. I bought my first two bottles because I started wearing braids, and boy after a month time of using the serum my hair had grew. After three months of wearing braids and using this product my hair had grew even more. Well now I buy this on a regular. I am on my last bottle now because I always buy three at a time. This serum is amazing and I love it. Thank you because I love love love it

This stuff is the TRUTH!!!!

My hair was getting thinner by the day; I was shedding about a baseball size clumps of hair every time I showered. I started developing a bald spot on my hair line near my right temple, and my scalp was clearly visible when I put my hair in a ponytail. One month of daily use and my hair has almost stopped shedding altogether! My scalp is no longer visible and my bald spot is nearly gone! I just bought another two bottles of your serum after doing a big chop on my hair so I can get some length back! It’s magic in a bottle and the price is just icing on the cake. SEE PICS BELOW* (Pics are of the right side of my head in both shots; they look mirrored due to one of them being taken in Snapchat)*

Less Shedding

I'm halfway through my second bottle. I noticed less shedding in the shower pretty quickly after starting this. It definitely seems most effective when used daily.


Recently braided my hair about 3 weeks ago and I achieved this much growth. My braid need a redo lol.

So Effective!

Results were gradual but I can say that after four months of using this serum, my hair is not only undeniably visibly fuller, it feels so much thicker as well!

This Saved Me From Myself

My bald spots were self inflicted, and they would range anywhere from the size of a quarter to a fist. I have been pulling my hair out for about 14 years, and because of that my hair was thinning and stopped growing period. I saw this product on Instagram and I was so mortified about my condition I was willing to give this a shot. I put it on before going to bed and two weeks later I started to see growth in the bald areas and two months later it was like I had never pulled hair before. This product has saved me from myself a couple of times now and I will never stop recommending it. So if you are like me and need some hope, this is it. Oh and did I mention it was made from natural ingredients?

It really does work!

It really does work! It takes patience and time, but the results are real! An extreme amount of stress caused me to start losing my hair, and it thinned out quite a bit. After using the her hair serum for just over 3 months, I’ve noticed quite a bit of new growth and fullness. I am so grateful for this product And getting my hair back!

Her hair grow serum blew my mind. It's never too late to have healthy hair.

Confidence is I was physically assaulted by a co-worker on April 24th, 2021.
I wore my hair in long braids I plaited myself for a year.
She pulled out my hair as I defended myself. She kept pulling on my braids. I HAD BALD SPOTS ALL OVER MY HEAD. It was terrible!!
So I did another big CHOP at a local barber shop.
I started reusing the serum on April 27th (the day of my big chop) to help promote fast and healthy hair growth to cover my bald spots.
Come late May into now June 2021, I can style my hair with a curl sponge.
And my bald spots are filling in. My sister can't even see them anymore and I don't feel the bald spots on my head.
My results are pretty impressive. I plan to continue using the Her Hair Growth Serum for a long time!
Even before my attack in April, I used the hair serum when I wore my hair in it's protective braids and I saw hair growth in a month.
I had fuller hair.
Be patient and consistent with this product and the others.
Thank you her hair grow. I lost my confidence because of my violent attack, but your products helped me to gain myself back day by day.

I have been using this serum since January 2021 and I can honestly say that my hair has grown so much . I've seen lots of progress from length wise to Thickness and fullness . Oil is very inexpensive and a even more PLUS with all the great deals and discounts that are always offered on site from time to time.

I have been using this particular product for awhile. It has definitely made my hair grow longer and thicker. I definitely recommend her hair growth serum. Be consistent with your routine, true hair growth starts from within. Eat right, drink plenty of water and lots of vegetables/greens. DJ’s products are to help assist you in your hair journey Not be a miracle provider alone. Thanks again DJ! I am a customer for life…

I am so loving my her hair grow serum. I got it in April and l can tell you l have been seeing growth. Great changes! 😍😍😍


I lost some hair due to Covid. I tried the products but was a bit skeptical . This is my result after a month. I really am shocked . I will continue using it . Recommend it 100%

I love it!! I would love to show pictures of what this product has done to my 2 year old daughters hair. I am so blessed to have found this serum :)

I am so happy for this serum. I was dealing with depression and My hair began to fall out, I bad breakage and patches . I used this serum and it has done a miracle to my hair after I got my hair trimmed. I thank God for this because it has restored my self esteem and beauty.

I've been using the serum only for a week and a half now and my edges are growing back in places that we're bald. I even have edges growing in where I never knew they existed. This serum is definitely making my edges grow, get you some!!!

I wasn’t sure about Her Hair Grow at first but 3 months in and see a huge difference!! My mom had covid and lost her hair so she’s 3 month in and sees a big improvement as well.⁠ So the first pic was taken March 27th,2021. 2nd pic May 26,2021

I love this product. I don't have afro type hair, but this product works wonders for me. It has reduced hair loss, thickened my overall hair and strengthened the hair strands. The amazing thing about this serum is that even though it's a thick oil, it washes out beautifully and leaves no residue. I would recommend this to ANYONE looking to boost their hair health. Great company, fast shipping. superb product! <3

After having my second child I was desperate to find a real product that was natural and WORKS. Postpartum hair loss can be devastating to a woman, but this serum was able to give me back my confidence and joy. This might sound emotional- but losing clumps of hair and balding is also very emotional.